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"The Self Portrait Series (2018), is a photography series shot in Southern California, narrating the testimony about a woman’s reality of the destruction and reconstruction over the female body after rape. 

This series recognizes and articulates the parallels of violence against the bodies of women and nature, indicating that the two are not simply metaphorical. The theme is about escaping and healing. Not only does nature serve as an escape, but more specifically, it is an escape from the male gaze and from sexual violence. The art work transforms itself into a mode of healing.

The focus is not on the action or drama, but on the lasting psychological devastation of the victim:
suffering, silence, shame, loneliness and regaining back control."

-Andrea Delph

Read Walters' interview about The Self Portrait Series on i-D here

The Self Portrait Series exhibition took place in 2018 at 7 Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. 
The exhibition was sponsored by My Living Room Contemporary.

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