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Movements with "Wake" by Richard Serra, 2024, Seattle (Rip to Richard Serra, a man of brilliance and vision. 1938-2024)

Eileen's Daughters

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The time has come. After two years of tears and questions, I present to you my MFA thesis exhibition, "Eileen's Daughters", an exploration of female identity through the lens of daughterhood. 

Please join me in celebrating this accomplishment on 
April 12, 2024, from 5:00-7:00 p.m.



Meyerhoff Gallery
1303 W. Mount Royal Ave
Baltimore, MD, 21217

This exhibition will be on view from April 12, 2024 - April 28, 2024.

Please look out for the Artist Talk and more details on my Instagram

Take A Minute

I am excited to announce six works from Temporary Sculptures Pt.3 (Palm Springs) are showing in TAKE A MINUTE, "a group exhibition of over twenty artists featuring works that remind us to take a minute to relax, refresh, restore, and reflect."

This exhibition is curated by Dominique Gallery & Sovern LA in collaboration with Black Women in Visual Art

Take A Minute is on view from February 29th until March 29th at Sovern LA, 5757 West Adams Blvd. ​Los Angeles, CA 90016

The opening reception will take place on
Saturday, March 3, 2024, from 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Read more about the exhibition here.

Discover Take A Minute's Programming on Sovern's Events Calendar.


Peace On Earth


My 2021 self-portrait Edge of the World (II), is in the group exhibition Peace on Earth at Openshaw Gallery in Annapolis, Maryland, curator by Bill Gaskins.

Openshaw Gallery lives in Maryland Hall, an old-school turned art center featuring dozens of art programs and classes for children, teens, and adults. It is a gorgeous building that is rooted in the belief that art should and can be accessible to all. I admire Maryland Hall and has made think about what real accessibility to art is and how to contribute to that. 

Peace on Earth is on view from February 22nd - April 1st.

CIARRA694003960 (38).tif

Temporary Sculptures Pt. 4 (Miami) is showing in the group exihibition at The Horowitz Center in Columbia, Maryland. Molasses (sweeter da juice) is a "visual montage, a multi-faceted essay of art practices in film, photography, performance, and its depictions of the notions of identity, unpacking the “sweet” embedded memories that we live by while also paying tribute throughout our genetic makeup."


The Horowitz Center for Visual and Performing Arts is located at Howard Community College and is a cultural hub for the Columbia and Howard County area. 

The show is on view from February 15th - March 17th

Shifts in Obscurity

Every Fall the graduate programs at MICA host exhibitions that highlight the work of year one and year two students. Last year in our group show, Personal Perspective, I presented my short film, Falling Apart, Putting Together, (2020) along with one photograph from The Self Portrait Series, (2018) and two photographs from In Between, (2020).

This year for our show, Shifts in Obscurity, I decided to debut my most recent work, Temporary Sculptures Pt. 4, Miami (2022), presenting it in its full form through performance, photographs, and sculpture. 

Watch the installation process here. 

Shifts in Obscurity was shown at Fox Gallery 3, Baltimore, MD from October 6-17th.

Shifting (4).jpeg

A Group Exhibition


Get In Where You Fit In

Earlier this year I was asked by curator Thomas James to participate in the group exhibition, Get In Where You Fit In: An Exploration of Form by Black Women Artists, at the Brentwood Arts Exchange Gallery in Prince George's County, Maryland. 

I will be showing THREE performance pieces, Untitled (Coast Movements West), 2021, Blue Like Some Part of the Ocean, 2020, and Temporary Sculptures (A Performance), 2021.


Over the summer I presented six photographs from my series, Temporary Sculptures, in the group exhibition, Elements of Renewal at Fig & Oak, Los Angeles. 


Featuring seven artists, Elements of Renewal "is a proposition to deepen our connection with ecological landscapes, build conscious relationships with nature, and initiate intimate connections with the land that birthed its communities." 

It was truly a beautiful exhibition and I am honored to have been a part of it. 

See Elements of Renewal here


Elements of Renewal

Curated by Breeana N. Thorne
Elements of Renewal was shown at Fig & Oak, Los Angeles 
from July 14th - August 31st


Inquire to purchase Temporary Sculptures here or contact Breanna N. Thorne at

A First in Print

Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 4.13.33 PM.png

In February I was asked by my good friend and talented writer, Lyndsay Knecht to do a studio visit for her upcoming article in the Dallas-based art magazine, Patron Mag. She was writing a story on the renowned and legendary artist, Senga Nengudi, who recently won the prestigious Nasher Prize. 

Lyndsay recognized the influence of Nengudi in my most recent body of work with nylons and eggshells and found the connection of Nengudi's impact on a younger generation of artists. 

I am honored to be featured for the first time in print!

Read Elements of Influence here on pages 86 - 89

Semester Two

that were coming, of all the dreams that I was running to, semester two came 

and went too soon and I caught myself swooning over the past and over the semester that just passed


oh semester two, how I knew you wouldn't last, yet still prayed for time to slow down to accept my path,  accept that I am worthy of rest, that the universe has my back and I could cry in my studio, wipe my tears and
head           to class. 

dear semester two, i knew year two would come too soon, I was stressed, I was worried, was I worthy of all the things    

oh semester two,

I saw my mother in you.
the fragility in you,
year two came too soon.

A Podcast: The Truth in This Art 

Finally, after years of practicing (to myself), I gave an interview on a podcast for the first time. 

In April I was asked to be a guest on the Baltimore-based podcast, The Truth in This Art, hosted by Robert Lee.


Tune in to hear about my first year in grad school, where my art practice started, and where my art-thought process is going.

Untitled (Wrapping Wire).tif

In June I released my 12th Artletter, Postcards From Paris. Read about Jean-Claude, Christo, and my journey to Paris to perform in front of Wrapped, Arc De Triomphe here. Buy a limited Edition postcard here (edition of 100).

Older Posts

"6 Emerging Black American Artists to Keep On Your Radar"



I am thrilled to announce that I am featured in Cultured Mag's Emerging Black American Artists list! 

Read more about my practice and influences, here.

Special thanks to Dominque Clayton and her endless support and love. I appreciate all that you do.

Last November I wrote an OpEd about the artist and architect, Maya Lynn's, Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Between the conservatory and lack of women artists' presence in DC's monument scene, I questioned, who chooses what and how we remember the history of this country...


Dig in here.

semester one

a short writing titled "here"

Dear Semester One, 

Here is where it felt like home in a new city.  Here was exactly where I was supposed to be. I was learning more about myself and excited to discover, uncover, and find every part and all the parts. My professors and director gave me words to sit with. Sentences that lingered into my studio and spun around my head, arms, hands, legs and feet. Performing, thinking, writing, painting, making. I was doing it all. I was surrounded by artists who existed in their own right. I was a part of a new community - a community I had dreamt about for so long. Showing up here was never hard, but something I looked forward too. I was falling in love with grad school. 


 I had a studio with two large windows that brought in light throughout the day. Lines of light in yellows, oranges, and pinks hit my  walls, where my art was constantly being arranged, added too, or taken away... I've cried in here, laughed in here,  had some life changing conversations in here. I felt my mother in here. Oh, how I miss her. Oh, how it took only one semester to make me smile again. I finally felt excited about life and this new book I was beginning, that was being written every day, with every moment, every breath. With every tear and every fear, I was moving forward. Surrounded by love, abundance, and belief. Semester one exceeded my dreams. I love it here.

A Perfomance to Keep

Screenshot 2023-09-10 at 3.42.00 PM.png

Untitled (Coast Movements West), 2021, is available to collect through  Dominique Gallery on Infinite Objects.


Untitled (Coast Movements West) is an edition of 15, 8.4 x 5.8 inches. 

Inquire here.

DG_CiarraWalters_IO7_backsweep_1080x copy.jpg




An Artletter, is a newsletter dedicated to sharing, educating, and showing the arts! Including mine! Join the community here.
View past Artletters.

In Loving Memory 

To my mother Eileen, I miss you. 
I love you. Thank you.
Nov. 12, 1974 - Aug. 02, 2021

All images and content is copyright protected, ©2023 Ciarra K. Walters

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