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Empty Spaces, (Heart Chakra Moments), 2022


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"6 Emerging Black American Artists to Keep On Your Radar"

I am thrilled to announce that I am on Cultured Mag's Emerging Black American Artists list which was released during Black history month. On a sunny day two years ago, I photographed collector Dr. Joy Simmons for Cultured Mag. It feels great to return as a featured artist, alongside four talented artists.  I feel great making this list at thirty. Feels like a new chapter, a new decade.

Read more about my practice and influences, here.

Special thanks to Dominque Clayton and her endless support and love. I appreciate all that you do.


by ciarra k. walters

During the first semester, my cohort and I were assigned to write our first OpEd on a topic of our choosing. In light of the 40th anniversary of artist and architect, Maya Lin's, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, I highlight the number of women who have designed monuments in our Nation's Capitol since Lin's.

To no one's surprise, the numbers were low and it made me question, who chooses what and how we remember the history of this country...

Dig in here.


Maya Lin with her design in 1981


Lin's original design and submission

semester one

a short writing titled "here"

Dear Semester One, 

Here is where it felt like home in a new city.  Here was exactly where I was supposed to be. I was learning more about myself and was excited to discover, uncover, and find every part and all the parts. My professors and director gave me words to sit with. Sentences that lingered into my studio and spun around my head, arms, hands, fingers, legs and feet. Performing, thinking, writing, painting, making. I was doing it all. I was surrounded by artists who were all existing in their own way and I was a part of a new community - a community I had dreamt about for so long. Showing up here was never hard, but something I looked forward too. I was falling in love with grad school. 

Eggshell Suit and Shadow.jpg

Self-portrait of Ciarra in her studio 11/11/22

 I had a studio with two large windows that brought in light throughout the day. Lines of light in yellows, oranges, and pinks hit my  walls, where my art was constantly being arranged, added too, or taken away... I've cried in here, laughed in here,  had some life changing conversations in here. I felt my mother in here. Oh, how I miss her. Oh how it took only one semester to give me my smile back. I finally felt excited about life and this new book I was beginning, that was being written every day, with every moment, every breath. With every tear and every fear, I was moving forward. Surrounded by love, abundance, and belief. Semester one exceeded my dreams. I love it here.

a community scholarship

Through three scholarships, I received over $42,000, for my first year at MICA. In late October I released "A Community Scholarship", asking for my community's help to pay the remainder of my tuition. Thanks to 102 donors, I only have $1,000 (and some change) to go!

Please consider becoming a donor. 
Every dollar counts! Learn more here.

Check out my wall of thanks to my donors + sponsors.   

In October, four of my works were featured in the Photography + Media & Society group exhibition "Personal Perspective" at the Shelia & Richard Riggs Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland. 

I debuted my short film, "Falling Apart, Putting Together" (2020), and three photographs - two from the series "In Between" and one from
"The Self Portrait Series". 

See my installation here.

"Personal Perspective", 2022

Falling Apart, Putting Together Form 1-12.jpg

Ciarra K. Walters,  A Still From Falling Apart, Putting Together, 2020


In June I released my 12th Artletter, Postcards From Paris. Read about Jean-Claude, Christo, and my journey to Paris to perform in front of Wrapped, Arc De Triomphe here. Buy a limited Edition postcard here (edition of 100).


photograph from Ryan McGinley's Mirror Mirror series, David, 2018




i missed you, 2022


FINALLY, I uploaded my film photos from 2022. Take a peek here.  

how to create a photography series

Screen Shot 2022-10-25 at 4.09.19 PM.png

In September, I did an art talk with the London based platform, Daisie, about creating a photography series.
Learn about my process and tips here.




Consider becoming a parton! Art materials cost $$$! Learn more here. Or consider sending a one-time donation here or through venmo/cashapp: @ciarrawalters



An Artletter, is a newsletter dedicated to sharing, educating, and showing the arts! Including mine! Join the community here.
View past Artletters.

In Loving Memory 

To my mother Eileen, I miss you. 
I love you. Thank you.
Nov. 12, 1974 - Aug. 02, 2021

All images and content is copyright protected, ©2023 Ciarra K. Walters

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