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Boys in the Front Seat (2017) is a photography and documentary series confronting patriarchal and hyper-masculine norms in Black male heterosexual relationships with Black women. Boys dives into the deeply personal stories, emotions, and thoughts of twenty men in regard to their romantic relationships and their ability or lack of ability to express their emotions to their partners. This series unravels the difficulties Black men and women face in relationships due to society's patriarchal gender roles and hyper-masculine expectations.

In Boys in the Front Seat - the documentary, Walters asks five questions, unfolding the power dynamics in their relationships, which ends ups revealing their feelings about themselves, society, other men, and the roles women play in their everyday lives.

Boys in the Front Seat is a reflective series, not only for the viewer but for Walters herself. She found herself subconsciously holding antiquated patriarchal standards towards her partners while still expecting them to rid their own sexist behavior and standards towards her. Boys simultaneously explore the control a woman has in her life as the driver of her own vehicle (both metaphorically and quite literally) and the roles men play in it - through their perspective.

Watch the director's cut of the documentary here

Boys in the Front Seat exhibition took place in 2017 at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles, California.
The exhibition was 
sponsored by Urban Outfitters. 

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