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DECEMBER 3, 2020

"The exhibition Anxiety came about the week of the elections. Like many of us, I was anxious, fearful, and uncertain about what would come of the future. I was not in a space to make art, but I was in the space to see art that zoned in on those same feelings. I went through my virtual collection and noticed I was drawn to works that were red, black, and white, and works that contained words. I saw the election week in those three colors, red, black, and white.

The first color I noticed was red. Red is the color of the Root Chakra, which is the chakra responsible for grounding. It regulates feelings of safety, survival, and security. Red is the only color in the spectrum that provokes the strongest emotion within us. It is a color that represents passion, danger, and seduction. The week of the elections, red represented fear.

I saw the blood that could be shed from the results of the election. I saw race. Black and white were the two most important colors in The United States and 2020 was making that crystal clear. Those two colors represented division. They represented the gray area we were living in. 

Uncertainty brings anxiety. Anxiety comes from not being present. Anxiousness comes from the feelings of having a lack of safety and security. These artworks dive into that chaos. These works help you experience death, loneliness, and emptiness. They give you feelings of resistance and honesty. It projects violence and overall, life's fragility from it all.

These works may calm your anxiety or heightened it. I hope this exhibition makes you think, feel, and believe whatever it is you need to believe at this moment, right now. Remember, anxiety comes from not being present. Art can pull you back in when you start to spiral out."

- Ciarra K. Walters

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